South Seas, Boca Grande & Tarpon Point Cruise

November 26 - December 3, 2010

The trip to South Seas started off with a slight hitch with The Sacher’s boat, “Sachmo”, having a problem with their genny.  With that said, Sachmo had an emergency repair, and actually beat the rest of the 6 boats to the marina.  Four of the boats (Cookn’,My Turn, Black Gold and the Brinkotter’s brand new boat, Gotta Luvit) stopped for lunch at Rum Runners. The trip over was great with favorable seas and all were docked by 2pm.  The entire group (19 in all) including the Brinkotter clan had a wonderful dinner at the Harborside Restaurant.  Saturday was a relaxing day at the pool with a private cabana and of course football on TV (some happy fans some not so happy, such is life).  That evening we had a fabulous docktail party with enough food for all of Captiva.  Sunday we said Bon voyage to the Brinkotter’s and the Cunningham’s (Brent and Susan’s cousins) and started a truly veggie day for all with pool time, sea tails and a great night out in the booming city of Captiva planned by Judy Sacher.
Monday Morning The Mount’s on Nauti Buoy, and the Brown’s on Therapy III took off at some ungodly hour to beat the low tide going into Boca Grande Marina while the rest of us took our leisurely time and had a beautiful sunny and calm ride up the ICW to Boca.  We were joined there by Ginny and Al Rapp on Rip Rapp and by Gerry & Linda Odenbach on Odiekanobi. After getting our boats in order, we proceeded to pick up our golf carts.  The Sacher’s and Bob Boland (who joined the Sacher’s on their boat for the trip) did a reconnoiter for lunch.  We found out that most of the restaurants were closed on Monday’s so off we went to the end of the island to a great restaurant called the south beach grill. Unfortunately yours truly had the slowest cart on the island, and of course Brent passed me by like I was going in reverse.  Even Mike Brown beat us there.  Eventually The Rapp’s and Claudette and I got to the Grill and we all had a great time. That evening we all got together at the outdoor picnic area and had what else, but another docktail party.  Again, enough food for all of Boca’s needy (wait a minute, there aren’t any needy on Boca). The following day we all went into town with our golf carts (I replaced mine and realized the problem according to one of our group was that I can not go fast if I cannot reach the gas peddle).
That afternoon all the girls went shopping and the guys again told great sea stories.  That evening we had a private seating at the newly renovated  Eagle Grill.  The food was fantastic and the service great. The forecast for the next few days sounded bad, so Judy and Larry Sacher and Bob Boland decided to head back to Marco that morning  since they all had commitments the next day.  The decision was a good one since the wind picked up to 20 to 30 knots that evening and even the ride down the ICW to Cape Coral was rough at times.
With that being said, the Brown’s and Mount’s left a little earlier than the rest of us and we passed them by on the way to Cape Coral.  We should have realized when we got into the Tarpon Pointe Marina that something went wrong, because we heard all this XXXXXX coming from the ICW and realized that Mike had lost his starboard engine again.  The only upsetting thing was that Mike and Cindy got into their slip better on ONE engine than I did on TWO.  We all went to help Mike in (which obviously was not necessary, and the only thing Cindy said when they finally got settled was “I NEED A STIFF ONE”.  There is not too much to do at the Tarpon Point Marina, so the six remaining boats with their captains and first mates made do with the girls playing a two day marathon game of Mexican train and the guys telling more war stories.  We became very familiar with the one restaurant on the premises.  Four boats proceeded back to Marco as planned on Friday morning and had a good trip back with favorable seas to our stern.  The Rapp’s and the Cook’s stayed with the Brown’s hoping that the engine would be fixed that day; however, it did not proceed as planned, and The Brown’s returned with the Rapps on Rip Rapp to Marco.
All in all, it was another great MBYC trip, with fun and food had by all.
Hope to see you on the next trip
Barry Gelfan


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