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Gilligan’s Island revisited: With all the enthusiasm of a middle school play eight semi talented actors and 27 yachts full of their fans from the Marco Bay Yacht Club returned to Gilligan’s Island (aka Panther Key) on April 18. Their goal was to remake the iconic TV series, but relocate it in the 10,000 islands.

The plot revolved around Thurston Howell’s (played by Bob Herndon) belief that, if he was lost at sea on Tax Day, he could avoid pending IRS tax liens. So, he wrecked the engines of the Minnow II, operated by The Skipper (played by Bob White). Thurston’s treachery was exposed by his wife “Lovey” (played by JoAnn Herndon) which caused Gilligan (played by Barry Gelfand) to nearly panic until he was reassured by the Professor (played by Bill Schroeder) that he could invent something to fix the problem. Ginger (played by Lyn Bedell) and Mary Ann (played by Judy Sacher) kept the castaways spirits high by staging regular parties.

After a commercial break with spokes model Marcia Orsolini, the castaways were almost saved by a rescue party led by Rear Commodore Sally Orth. But the Commodore had to leave when “the weather started getting rough.” Unfortunately, none of the rescuers thought to mark the GPS location of the new Gilligan’s Island. So, the castaways are still marooned for at least 3 seasons plus reruns.

Eighty-eight hungry sitcom fans were fed at a portable studio canteen organized by Dianne Kernan. A YouTube video is being produced by famous cinematographer, Dan Lowell and should be ready soon for submission to the major TV networks. The producers (John Kernan, Dianne Kernan, Alex Orsolini, Marcia Orsolini and Bob Boland) wish to thank the cast and all the fans for their help in getting the “new” Gilligan’s Island series launched. Now under development, “The Marco Island Hillbillies.”

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