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Past Events 2020

January Madness

With some beautiful weather, we had a very large turnout for the end of January Monday madness, including 1 or 2 prospective new members for whom our members were most welcoming. A true indication of the size of the crowd is that thanks to Kim Rae Hillyer, she sold enough 50-50 raffle tickets to actually pay 3 places!

A quick note about the future of the 50-50 raffle: Kim Rae has indicated that after a year plus of doing the job, she doesn’t want to continue; we need a volunteer, male or female, to take over, otherwise we will no longer conduct the 50-50 raffle. Our Members enjoy the raffle, and MBYC benefits as well, it would be a shame to no longer do it. Keep in mind that seasonal members can take the job since we generally don’t conduct it during the summer.

If you’re interested in taking over for Kim Rae, please let me know (#239-588-0112).

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