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Phil and Sammy Miller

By November 11, 2023November 15th, 2023No Comments

Our boating experience began with a small impeller driven boat purchased to explore the local uninhabited islands to collect the finest in gem quality seashells. The main thrust in taking the Coast Guard’s Safe Boating Course was the purchase of a larger boat(s) to go further into the Ten Thousand Islands to find better and more exotic shells. It served to introduce us to the bounty of diverse wildlife, seabirds and aquatic denizens that grace our waterways.

Phil has been a huge fan of powered catamarans as they are stable platforms and have shallow drafts, perfect for our local waterways. From Phil’s passion for award winning shell collecting, we have had an enduring fascination with boating that began in the late ‘90’s and continues today.


Phil & Sammy Miller