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Brrrrrrr…  On Wed. morning, Feb. 11th, MBYC was welcomed by the eye opening, clear, deep blue skies and crisp temperatures from the North.  Nothing like cleaning

out your lungs with that great Minnesota air. 

There were 6 packed boats and 50 plus people that made the journey to Jack’s

River Bar.  MBYC boats took off from Marker 8 with the 3 captains, Betty, Sue and

Linda, leading the way.  Joe Anzalone wrestled away control when the ladies were

heading to Key West.  The trip actually turned out to be very comfortable and

beautiful.  Just lucky we have Global Warming, otherwise we would have needed

ice breakers.  The award for most courageous crew goes to Risings, Vromans and

Putnams for starting their day near Caxambas Marina in the south, boating around

Goodland and up the Marco River, even before anyone else was awake.  When

they arrived at the meeting place, we removed icicles from their noses.

The Sandlins had a written excuse to play hooky.  Our concern is that they continue

working to fund our Soc. Sec. checks.  I hope they wrote off the trip for business 


The only injury was me, Jim, bumping my leg on the Southard Comfort boat.  I drew

at least  a couple drops of blood.  (Even though Ferris and Randy are great friends,

Ferris said he would represent me, stating there is no money in defending Randy.

Ferris said the injury suit could be one of the biggest claims in FL this year! )  I would settle for a couple beers.

With all the chirping and laughter, the luncheon was a success, another fun event

for the Fun Club.  Thank you all for attending!!!

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