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Having bid goodbye to our northern mates and the arrival of summer heat and humidity, I didn’t expect a large turnout for the June Madness. However I believe it proved to be the liveliest and best attended Madness of the year.  The Gagnons were already seated with drinks in hand when we arrived.  A few minutes later an attractive blond lady wandered up and engaged us in conversation.  It took the appearance of hubby Wes for us to recognize the lady to be Sabine with a new hair style.  The pace picked up as friends arrived from all directions. There were many conversations among small groups of friends,  some about recent travels and others about upcoming summer trips.  The most exciting was the Doggett/Orsilini trip to Peru/Machu Picchu. Can’t wait to hear the trip report at the next Madness.  See Y’all there.

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