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                                     Hamilton Harbor Luncheon

After what seemed like 40 days and nights of rain, on the night before the luncheon, I panicked. I called our Commander, Al Saunders, to see if he could help with the weather. Al said “no problem”. The next morning, upon opening my sleepy eyes, I noticed from my bed that the sun was peeking between the clouds and the waters were calm.

Commodore Al came through. A great boating day!!

We started out with 12 boats signed up and ended with only 2 boats, captained by Charlie Skillern and Randy Southard. Charlie took the Gulf and Randy and I took the Intercoastal waterway.  Since Randy and I were by ourselves, we excitedly prepared Bloody Marys with pickle juice, (my recipe), and jumbo shrimp (Randy’s recipe).

The luncheon, as usual, was a feast. We had 34 club members attending. For dessert, everyone ate the sinful, freshly baked cookies. Then we all left for home to take a well deserved nap.

Thank you all !!!

What the Heck.

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