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Membership Application

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Membership Application

Marco Bay Yacht Club

Dear Prospective Member,

Thank you for your interest in MARCO BAY YACHT CLUB! Please read the enclosed information carefully and submit your completed application along with a check for $400 to cover the initiation fee ($250) and this year’s annual dues ($150). From July 1st to November 30th dues are 50% of annual dues. Your check will NOT be cashed until the Board meets and approves your membership. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month.
We look forward to seeing you at future Club events.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Membership Chairperson,
Judy Sacher text 239.777.4604 or email

1. Own a watercraft berthed on Marco Island, Isles of Capri, Goodland and the areas East to include the
community of Port of the Islands or as far north on Route 951 to include Fiddlers Creek and their
boundaries, which has an engine as its primary source of power and a current U. S. Coast Guard
Auxiliary Courtesy Marine Examination Decal.
2. Be 21 years of age or older.

Thank you,
Linda Gagnon,
, Marco Bay Yacht Club

Marco Bay Yacht Club

I have read and understand the applicant requirements on the previous page and will fulfill them prior to induction into Marco Bay Yacht Club.

This application must be complete to be considered by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors.
If the applicant does not know a current member who can sponsor them, the membership chairperson can assign sponsors.

Your Name
Your Name
Spouse's Name
Spouse's Name

According to Club by-laws, this application cannot be processed without the signatures of two members of  Marco Bay Yacht Club, as your sponsors. Sponsors must be:
1) members for 1 year and
2) two different members (not husband & wife).
By sponsoring this applicant you are agreeing to the sponsor’s obligation set forth below. 

Sponsor #1 Name
Sponsor #1 Name

Signature Sponsor #1 ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________

Sponsor #2 Name
Sponsor #2 Name

Signature Sponsor #2 ___________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________

By sponsoring applicants for membership, you are attesting to the fact that you know the applicant(s) to  be of good character, and believe they will become  active members in the Club. Sponsors are responsible for ensuring this application is complete (including inspection, dues, bio and photo, answering applicant questions). You are also assuming the obligation to introduce them to our members and assist them in becoming assimilated into Club functions.

Please check as attached and submit with this application:

1. _____ Photo (.jpg or .tiff file) & Short Biography (.doc or .txt file). Please do not send .pdf files.
(These required digital files can be forwarded as attachments to an e-mail to the membership chairperson)

2. _____ Boat Safety Inspection Sign Off

, is our first and foremost priority. We require a safety inspection of your boat and either a copy of a safe boating class certificate or boating experience that is approved by a Certified Safety Inspector. Contact Inspector: Rudy Landwaard (914) 806-2153, for assistance with this.

Signature of Safety Inspector: _________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Signature of new applicants: __________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________

COMMODORE'S SIGNATURE:_________________________________________________________________ DATE OF BOARD APPROVAL: _____________


As a member of the Marco Bay Yacht Club, involvement in club activities is encouraged and considered a priority. Following is a brief description of various committee responsibilities. Please underline or circle the committee or committees you would like to be involved with. Your request will be reviewed by the membership committee and then forwarded on to the appropriate Committee Chair. The fastest way to meet our members is to join a committee and to join in on our events

   ADMINISTRATIVE  In charge of roster, official club tie, burgee flag, name tag and jacket patch.
* AUDIT COMMITTEE  Audit the Club's books at the end of the fiscal year and at the change of Treasurer.
   BAYLINES NEWSLETTER  Edit articles, proof-read, work with printer & publish monthly newsletter.
* CLUB CHAPLAIN  Provides spiritual support including event invocations.
   COMMUNICATION  Notify members of matters which cannot wait for publication of the monthly newsletter via email.
   DAY FLEET CAPTAIN  Responsible for planning day cruises, beach picnics and luncheon cruises.
* FINANCE  Responsible for financial matters.
* FIRST MATES  All Club women belong, and functions are planned.
* FLEET CAPTAIN  Responsible for planning long range cruises, and weekend cruises.
   HISTORIAN  Manage the Club's history documents and photos, including history displays, videos, etc. for events and parties.
   LONG RANGE PLANNING  Meets quarterly and visits issues and direction of the club.
   MEMBERSHIP  Collect prospective member's applications and forward them to the Board. Following Board approval, collect initiation fees and first year dues and forward to the Treasurer. Forward the chosen committee choices of new members to the Commodore.
   PHOTOGRAPHY  Photograph events and forward on to website and newsletter chairpersons.
   PUBLIC RELATIONS  Specialize in contacts with local newspapers, radio & television about club activities, social & boating along with training & safety sessions.
   ROSTER  Collect membership data and publish annual roster.
   SAFETY/TRAINING  Arrange boat inspections by the Auxiliary or Power Squadron and promote boating safety.
   SHIP'S STORE  Responsible for the Ship's Store and distributing the new members' kits to the Rear Commodore
* SOCIAL COMMITTEE  Plan all club wide social functions, specifically the Commodore's Ball, New Member Welcome, Welcome Back Party, and Holiday Party.
  WEBSITE  Manage the website --
* Required by MBYC Bylaws