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The weather was a perfect Chamber of Commerce evening as 27 members gathered at the Star Bar at CJ’s on the Bay for November Monday Madness. We were pleased to welcome the Engrstoms, Saunders and Orths back for the season. As usual there were numerous animated conversations as people moved from group to group  catching up on activities of the week, sharing details of their summer and plans for future adventures.

Thanks to Betty Barter and her team who faithfully sell the 50-50 raffle tickets each month.

The 50/50 raffle winners were:
Judy Sacher $12
Sally Orth $20
Linda Saunders $40

Since the last Monday of December  falls on  the Holiday, there will be no Madness in December. Please plan on joining us on January 30, 2023 for January Monday Madness.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.