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Protocol, Procedures, and Policy

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The term “protocol” is used here in its meaning of an adjunct to a document, in this case the Club’s Bylaws. These Protocol and Procedures and policies are meant to provide guidelines for officers of the Club in carrying out the intents of the Bylaws, which are to establish and maintain our traditions and to present a good image of the Club. Flexibility may be used in some areas, such as the methods by which committees operate, whereas in other areas such as flag precedence and the Club uniform, established traditions requires that protocol be followed.

Only for purposes of simplicity, this document uses the masculine “he”. The reference includes members of both sexes.


The members of the Club shall be kept informed of Board meetings. If a member has an issue he wishes to present at a Board meeting, he should contact a member of the Bridge and request to be scheduled to do so. The member will be advised as to the meeting date at which he may present his concerns. He shall be introduced by the officerincharge of the meeting and be allowed to speak during the appropriate part of the agenda.

A proxy is authorized for use by a board member who is unable to attend a board meeting to cast a vote. There shall be a maximum limit of three proxies at any one board meeting. A proxy is to be provided to the Secretary prior to the meeting.


Immediately prior to the Commodore’s Ball, the outgoing Commodore shall entertain his Board of Directors and Club officers in order to express his appreciation for a job well done. The Commodore shall be reimbursed up to $600.00 for expenses incurred for this event.


1. Club uniforms are preferred, or formal attire shall be the appropriate dress for the occasion..

2. The outgoing Commodore, incoming Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and their spouses shall sit at the head table. The Past Commodores and their spouses shall be seated nearby so they may be recognized during the ceremony.

3. After dinner, the outgoing Commodore shall give a welcoming speech in which he thanks the members of his Board, with special thanks to the Bridge Officers, Secretary, Treasurer, Fleet Captain, Social Chairman, First Mates Chairman and the Chairmen of the other committees. He shall then recognize the Past Commodores and introduce the incoming Commodore. He presents the incoming Commodore with his Commodore’s gold star bar, jacket patch, flagofoffice, name tag and gavel and turns the ceremony over to him.

4. The new Commodore thanks the outgoing Commodore for his year of service to the Club, especially for his performance as Commodore. He presents a gift to the outgoing Commodore on behalf of the members of the Marco Bay Yacht Club, along with his past Commodore’s silver star bar, jacket patch, flag-ofoffice and nametag.

5. The new Commodore then presents the bar of gold stars, jacket patch, flagofoffice and name tags to the incoming Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore and Fleet Captain.

6. The new Commodore then introduces the members of his Board of Directors, who stand when introduced, and mentions their assignments for the coming year

7. The new Commodore makes any additional comments that he deems appropriate and concludes the program by requesting everyone to enjoy themselves.

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