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Welcome Back Party

We excitedly greeted each other on November 5, 2013 to kick off a new season here on our fabulous Marco Island. The venue was Restorante La Piazza where we all began mixing with each other while enjoying our cocktails in the bar area of the restaurant. Our MBYC Banners were hanging along with the centerpieces that were a variety of flags and glow lights making the restaurant a nautical ambiance to set the lighthearted mood for the evening festivities.
After almost 90 members were seated, Alan Sandlin gave the invocation before dinner. Commodore, Marsha Orsolini, welcomed everyone and directed a short meeting while salad was being served. 
This year we had Johnny Fusco entertain us throughout the dinner as we took pleasure eating either Chicken Marsala, Flat Iron Steak, or Salmon for the main course along with the choice of vegetables or pasta as a side. Of course, all enjoyed the delicious Italian rolls. Dessert was the every so favorite homemade restaurant dish, Tiramisu.
After dinner, the dancing began as Johnny Fusco sang many of our oldies but goodies. The dance floor was full, the building was shaking, and there were many “smooth” moves as everyone danced away the evening. 
What a wonderful way to welcome each other back to the island and start a exciting and fun MBYC year. 

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