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Sounds Fishy

The Marco Bay Yacht Club August dine around took place at Mango’s on August 17.  This was the third year that fresh Grouper was provided.  The bounty was caught by two boats with Captain Jerry Francis and Captain Bert Hoell.  Jerry and Bert both say they just drive the boat and find the fish with their crew hauling in the grouper.

Their crew were recognized at dinner for their fine efforts.  Both boats fished the same day prior to the dinner so the grouper was fresh.  Somewhere between 25-30 miles off shore is the heaven for the catch …. big secret on the exact coordinates.  Each boat supplied half of the fresh catch needed to feed the 43 hungry members.  Reports sounded very positive about the taste so we think the event will occur again in 2014.  Of course the weather and cooperation of the grouper, FWC rules always make this event a challenge.

Mango’s does a great job with the catch and everyone seemed to be smiling pleasantly full.

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