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The trip to Keewaydin was a blast!  Don Orth, Doug Baillie and I decided to take the cowardly route to Keewaydin instead of Hurricane Pass.  The men were all buff (some needing a little tune up) and the girls looked marvelous, of course.  MBYC showed those young whipper snappers on the beach how to really party.  From the first step on shore to the last shove off for home, it was continuous laughing aand giggles.  Bob Vroman started everyone laughing with his humor, and the stories kept getting bigger.  Joe Anzalone again had Sue harvesting sugar cane for his rum still.  Joe was mixing his famous 3 finger drinks for the crowd.  Rudy Landward was the appointed life guard, rescuing the beautiful mermaids, Betty and Dorothy.  Boy, did he have smiles on his face!?!  Al Saunders had the new potty chair and tent assembled when we arrived.  Everything went very smoothly.  Dan Dotterweich and Bob Vroman, the token bachelors couldn’t have behaved better (very proud of you).  In all, we had a great time.

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