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 Venetian Village

The MBYC finally made the trip to the Bayside Grill at Venetian Bay in Naples.
We all knew it would be a great trip when at the Monday Madness, Commodore
Skillern and Dr. Joe Doggett held hands and walked to the edge of the dock,
put their hands to the water, and said, “Be calm”.  Immediately, the skies cleared 
for a beautiful sunset and the seas went flat.  Good job guys!  (Actually, I sort of
plagiarized a little from the Sunday church readings.  Oh well, at least I wasn’t
Tuesday turned out to be perfect!  The only snag was Jack Barter and company
taking a side shopping trip on the Isle of Capri.  The US Boat came to the rescue
and they made the rest of the trip by car.  Wes and Sabine got an early start and
were seen putting along and we all arrived at the same time.
The lunch was attended by 32 MBYC members.  Once at the Venetian Bay, the
girls went shopping while the boys stood outside securing their credit cards.
Leslie was spotted looking at some new hats.  Everyone gathered at 1:00 for a
great lunch selection with the most incredible view of the Bay.
Thanks to everyone for attending the luncheon and to Rear Commodore Al
Saunders for manning the radio communications.
What the Heck


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