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What a gorgeous day for the MBYC Wild Goose Chase!  There was such a nice turnout.  One of the highlights was the inclusion of two of the Cook’s grandchildren who said they would like to do it again!

John Kernan was signed up but was unable to join us due to his recent injury.  However, Diane was able to participate in the fun.   Also, due to illness, the Cachiannes had to take a pass.  We missed both of them but know that they will be ready to the next chase!

Josette and Mike Bonnewitz, who are relatively new members, were back on Marco as they are building a new home.  It was so much fun to have them help us pick up the GEESE at the end and to have them aboard on the Baillie committee boat.

This year, the clues were easier than in the past and everyone said they enjoyed being able to find most of the GEESE.  In fact, we had a three-way tie between the Cooks (COOKIN’), Saunders (ALLEY OOP), and Orths (PRINCESS II).  To break the tie, we played a game of seven-card stud with two wild card jokers.  The Cooks won with a pair of Queens, the Saunders came in second with a pair of fours, and the Orths came in third with an “almost flush”.  The booby prized went to Pravato (Abbondanza).

Sadly, DOCKED OAR D and the “Doc” were docked!  The Doggetts took their boat to the Anzalone’s pier on Friday in order to get in a good position for the beginning of the event on the north end of Marco Island. Unfortunately, the boat would not start on Saturday morning.  Those who were docked were Doggetts, Orsolini, Edgar, & Diane Kernan.  Boo Hoo!   However, they all came for the lunch at CJ’s on the Bay.  CJ’s did such a nice job serving our group.  We are so fortunate to have this restaurant located in such a beautiful setting for our festivities where we can also dock our boats.   

Thanks to all of the wonderful participants.



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