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On Wednesday morning (7/30) around 9:30am The Landward’s (Sweet Lips) and The Anzalone’s (Knot Wading Around II) headed out to the Pink Shell Resort.  Not far behind were The Herndon’s (TenneSea Waltz) and The Kernan’s (Wanderer V).  We all arrived around noon.  On Wednesday evening we had docktails on the TenneSea Waltz.
Thursday morning Jo Herndon made a delicious pancake breakfast and then the ladies proceeded to get some serious game playing in.  Thursday evening The Garrity’s (friends of Anzalones) met us at Pink Shell and we all walked over to Nervous Nellie’s to have a great time and great food!
Friday morning Landwaard’s, Kernan’s and Anzalone’s headed to The Legacy.  Bob and Jo stayed one more night at Pink Shell, before heading back to Marco to be with their grandson Bobby.  Early Friday afternoon The Sandlin’s arrived with The Skillern’s.  After an afternoon of games and pool time, we had our second docktails.
Saturday morning Joe went to Bennett’s to buy donuts (as you know, “What would a Legacy trip be without Bennett’s donuts”)?  So, we all sat under the Chickee Hut and had donuts and coffee.  After another hard day of games and more pool time we went to dinner in Ft. Myers, at the Veranda, food was excellent.  The Garrity’s came back to go to dinner with us (thankfully they did because Pat had to make a few trips by car to get us there-you don’t fool with Mother Nature (lightning)!
We left on Sunday morning (8/3) to head back to Marco and the seas were so calm.  We can thankfully say everyone had a fun and relaxing time and most importantly a safe trip.





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