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                                       KEEWAYDIN PICNIC
Wednesday Jan. 21st turned out to be a perfect day:  warm, clear skies and calm
Gulf waters.  There were 10 boats and 40 people who invaded Keewaydin Island.
When we arrived, we found Chuck Hubscher anchored in the middle of the channel
with John Brinkoetter and Rick Geschrei shuttling the beautiful girls to the island
shore. Once everyone was on shore, they rapidly erected their chairs and umbrellas.
Bob Vroman supervised the assembly of the Big MBYC tent and the potty chair w/ tent.
Many girls, throughout the day, came out of the potty tent with a big smile of relief.
Of course during this time Joe Anzalone was busy assembling his rum still and that
still was really a-whistling!  Or was that Joe??
Bob and Linda Gagnon and Don and Gayle Kleindl endured the torturous first year
initiation.  There should not be any permanent damage, just big smiles.
Throughout the day there were many laughs, giggles, and exaggerated stories.
Late afternoon John Putnam led many of us back through Hurricane Pass (the
short cut).
It was just a great day!! Thank you all for joining in!
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