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 Fog, fog, and more fog.  But on Wednesday morning of the picnic, Commodore Al Saunders raised his arms over Marco Island and the skies cleared.  The power that man has!!  Slowly the boats came through the narrow passage on Tiger Tail Point during low tide.  One of the first boats was the Kruegers with the Landwards as mates.  Of course Dorothy leaped off the boat and then started doing cartwheels down the beach. Then she said “Oops.  I need my cane.”  No wonder poor Rudy is exhausted from chasing her!  After the club tent and women’s potty tent were set up, everyone settled in for a day of fun and laughs.  The only casualty was when a wind gust blew over an umbrella and struck Randy Southard in the head.  The witch doctors on call said that Randy would come to his senses in about 2 – 3 years.  Shirley was excited.  She has been waiting for over 50 years.  The most relaxed person seemed to be Doug Baillie reclining in his chair.  Doug had the women fanning him with palms and feeding him grapes and cookies.  With all the socializing, we almost forgot to eat.  Someone said, “Dig in” and our commodore sure did!  We’re not sure what Al dug his face into (nose and mouth covered with a white powder?) but he sure had a big smile !! The day was absolutely perfect with a breeze coming across the bay.  You know you had a great time when your face is sore from smiling and your stomach sore from laughing!!  

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