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So.. what’d ya do over the summer? During our summer travels to visit family, Deb and I decided to visit some of our MBYC family.  Jim and Kerry Heckenlaible invited us to lunch at their home as we were heading toward Sauk Rapids, MN to visit our daughter and family.  Over lunch Jim mentioned that they had just returned from a trip to visit the Hubleys and Putnams in northern MN and had plans to visit the Southards in upstate NY.  I also heard that the Kernan’s were visited by the Skillern’s, Mulligans, and Gelfand’s at their summer retreat in Boothbay, ME.  The Doggetts and Orsolinis went on an exciting adventure to Peru and Machu Picchu and the Landwaards were cruising way up north in the Scandinavian countries and Russia.  This sparked an idea that it would be fun to share times shared together over the summer while we are away from Marco.  If there are others who have had similar experiences, just send a write-up of the event and some pics and we’ll include them in the November newsletter.

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