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We had 16 of the 17 original boat captains join us at my home for the captains meeting.  All went well until the weather went to hell in a hand-basket the day before the cruise was to begin on Monday, January 4th.  It was decided that leaving a day ahead would be prudent.  We originally had 8 boats leaving on Monday, and 9 boats who were going to leave on Tuesday.  Based on the continuing poor weather forecast, the Tuesday group decided not to join the cruise. This was a wise decision since the weather did not improve until Thursday, the day we were to leave for Boca. So we went from 17 boats down to 12 with the Herndon’s, Mulligan’s and Landwaard’s on land yachts. Even though the weather was difficult at times ( I could use another word but didn’t), we all had a great time.  After getting the boats in order Monday afternoon, we all went to Doc Fords in South Seas for a fun filled dinner.  The following day was spent trying to keep from blowing off the dock, having our own manatee show behind our boats, playing cards and Mexican train. Tuesday we had a fabulous dinner in a private room at the Green Flash. On Wednesday we had a fun time pizza night.  On Thursday, January 7th we split up in travel groups and went on our way to Boca Grande with no difficulties. Boca is always a fun place to visit and the weather finally decided to cooperate. After washing down the boats we all jumped in golf carts to explore the island.  That evening the first mates tried to feed all of Boca Grand with their fabulous dock tail party at the marina. Friday was a fun time on our own with many of us eating lunch at the end of the island. Friday evening we had a group dinner in the private room at the Eagle Grill. Saturday was a real treat when we all met at Temptation’s for dinner. After a day of leisure on Sunday we all prepared for our enjoyable journey home to Marco.

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