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On Friday, March 4th, 43 members (and their boating junk) arrived at the Old Marco Lodge in Goodland and enjoyed a few hours of laughter and lunch and generously opened their checkbooks to make the Fleet Captain’s Auction another success.

Planned and orchestrated by Fleet Captain Mike Brown’s Cruise Team, the success of the day goes out to his auctioneers, Barry Gelfand,Al Saunders and John Kernan. Barry and Al presented each item with aplomb (well sometimes needing some input from previous owners of the items as to what they were and what you did with them).

John Kernan played the room like a professional auctioneer, humorously bidding up the items and getting the audience involved and laughing. I think he might have gotten stuck with a few items well see at the next auction. Alex and Marcia Orsolini’s World Famous Spaghetti Sauce brought in a nice amount of cash. I’m not sure if it was because of John’s description of its erotic powers. We will keep quiet about who won the bids for the spaghetti sauce (2 jars) and if John’s predictions came true!

Charlie Skillern was the biggest winner of the day with 2 coupons for Walker Marine among his purchases.

The Old Marco Lodge staff did a great job getting the lunches out in record time while the auction went on around them. A special thanks to Shelly and her staff.

We cannot say enough about our volunteers who beat the pavement to get donations from vendors on Marco as well as in Naples. We had some very generous donors and some of us got some very good deals…..while some of us got caught up in the bidding and ended up bidding more than the face value of the items …. all in the name of fun and charity. Thank you to all volunteers, auctioneers, donors and participants who made the auction another big success.

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