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It was my pleasure to host the MBYC August Dine Around event at the beautifully decorated La Tavola on August 18 where 19 summer friends enjoyed a prix fixe 3 course feast. Dinner choices ranging from Italian favorites to Salmon or probably the most tasty and tender pork chop I have ever eaten in my life. At one point I looked over at Mr. Kernan and we both grinned with each bite. Spiced to perfection with just the right mix to achieve flavors without the stomach rattling unpleasantness that we older folk associate with the feeling that “we are going to regret this tomorrow”. Dessert was a superb caramel brownie with a dollop of french vanilla ice cream.

After dinner, many Bayers retired to the lounge to see Rose Kramer sing and dance only to be surprised to have the unexpected pleasure of a Vegas style dance show by one Tennessean who put the others to shame. I don’t want to spread rumors but I understand there are at least 3 talent scouts with contracts ready to present.

P.S. I went back 3 nights later for another pork chop and (just my luck) they were sold out.
Patrick Thawley

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