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We had a very nice turnout for the second MBYC Photo Scavenger Hunt. It was rather chilly and windy. Nevertheless, this type of weather doesn’t stop our club members from having a fun time. The participants said that they liked the items on the Scavenger Hunt List because many were able to find most of them. The TALL canary palm turned out to be one of the hardest to find. We thought the clue to find a dog in a boat would be the hardest. However, many were able to get that clue! In fact, one of our members had a dog aboard! Ha!

The Lane boat was awarded first place, the Mulligan boat came in second, and there was a tie between the Tuttle boat and the Brown boat. We had a 7-card stud poker game to break the tie. Mike Brown won with a “Full Boat”! No pun intended!

There were bonus points if one was able to catch a fish. One of the participants asked a fisherman on the pier to give him a fish. We asked him if he indeed “caught” the fish. He said, “Sort of”. We asked him to explain and he said, “The fisherman tossed me the fish and I Caught It!” Ha. Very, very cleaver.

As always, we are grateful that CJ’s is able to accommodate the MBYC during the season. We found it easy to update our ever-changing headcount before the event. Laura Owens and her staff are always so helpful. We are so fortunate to have this restaurant located in such a beautiful setting for our festivities where we can also dock our boats.

A big thank you goes out to Lynn and Bob Tuttle, Josette and Mike Bonewitz and Mary Bayley as they were so helpful at the restaurant when the boats arrived. They helped check Scavenger Hunt Photos and distributed the envelopes with the food choices to our members.

                      Thanks to all of the wonderful participants.
                      We enjoyed hosting Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Jo & Doug Baillie

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