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Jet skiing in the Ten Thousand islands.

When I received the flyer with regards to the Jetski group, I thought “wow” what a neat experience, if only I had a Jetski.

So, when I attended Monday Madness in January, I mentioned to Bob Gagnon that it must be pretty cool to explore areas where our boats cannot go.

The first words out of Bobs mouth was, “what are you doing tomorrow”?  Isaid nothing of any importance. Bob says “do you wanna go jet skiing”? I said “Sure”,

To best describe the experience. I said it was better than the best ride at Disney World. The route we took was south of Marco Island. We entered in at Sugar Bay just southeast of Goodland and wound our way to Panther Key. I was amazed at the speed and maneuverability of these modern jetskis. I had not been on a jetski in over 20 years. Bob stood on his ski most of the trip. I felt more comfortable sitting, while bringing my center of gravity down.

On the way back we took what was called “The Beach Route”. This route goes along the islands that are facing Gullivan Bay – from Panther Key, behind Hog, White Horse and Gullivan Key. From there we stopped and decided to take an alternate route back.

We both read the article in the Coastal Breeze about the flamingo that was hanging out with the white pelican flock. We decided to see if we could find the flock. The waves in Gullivan Bay we’re small about 1 foot so we crossed south of Cape Romano to see if we could find them. We found the White pelicans but not the flamingo. Bob said he might be in the interior of Kice island. Unfortunately, we were three hours into a receding tide and it was not safe to go into this area.

I would suggest any member of the club if they want a great experience on a jetski, to talk to Bob. I think it’s a great activity and probably will be a nice incentive for other jet skiers on the island to join our club.