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‘Tween Waters Cruise Trip Report

Our March 13-20 cruise ended up just to ‘Tween Waters Marina on Captiva. Included on
this cruise was Cookin’ (Brent & Susan Cook), Karine (Bob & Sandy LaMontagne) O Sea
D (Vern & Ann Graham), Divergent (Bill Schroeder) and Camelot (Alan & Linda Sandlin.

The ride up, via the Gulf, was in mostly pleasant seas, especially for Cookin’ that followed
in Karine’s wake. When we came into Redfish Pass all of a sudden Divergent popped up
like he had been a hidden submarine but we were happy to see him.

It was a pleasure to have the Sandlins join us on this cruise. It has been a long time since
Alan and Linda have been able to join us on an extended cruise so we enjoyed their
company very much for two of our three nights.

Dining options on Captiva are still very limited so for the most part we ate meals on the
‘Tween Waters property at Old Captiva House and also on our own boats.

This cruise was planned for four nights at ‘Tween Waters followed by three nights at Boca
Grande Marina but mother nature had a rough forecast for both sea conditions and three
days of stormy weather at Boca Grande. In consideration of that, we cut the seven-day
cruise down to three days, eliminating the Boca Grande stop and cut one day off the ‘Tween
Waters stop and headed home early.

The ride home turned out to be slightly worse than forecast but nothing we couldn’t handle
so we had a very successful, but shortened trip, and a great time enjoying ‘Tween Waters.