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Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club ….

small boat luncheon on October 30, 2013 started off at 11:00 AM, meeting at Capri Pass marker 9.  Two boats were sent at 11:00 to check out the docking at the luncheon location while the others held back while we called the missing boats.  At 11:10 we all left using the outside route because the wave height was about one foot.  There were ample dock hands to help us tie up.  We enjoyed libation on the deck awaiting the food.  The grill produced the most delectable grouper with all the fixings. Since there was no rush to leave, we stayed and enjoyed the camaraderie.

The trip back was a choice of outside or the intercoastal.  The weather, the trip, the location, the food and great friends helped make the day a wonderful experience.  

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