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Every once in awhile a photo strikes us as pretty funny, so we just have to have a little fun with it.  Be sure to click on each thumbnail to enlarge them so you will get the full effect of the funny expressions that generated the caption.
Send your photos in (digital only please) with a caption and we will see if we can embarrass a few more of our members AND/OR submit proposed caption(s) for any photos posted at the bottom here without captions.  Email them HERE.

Keg Party? – I brung these here Put your Heaaaad on my Shooooulder …. Me in THIS state of mind and body …. and he’s not interested ???? Put your Haaaand on my Tushie ….
Whazzat yo’re smilin at …. me wench …. maybe ???? Naaaah …. that really happened ???? …. hold my beer big boy and watch this !!!! Oowee! my FOOT !!!! …. Pleeeeease watch my feet – not the photographer!
…. did this man just win the lottery ???? “OK! OK! …. got it this time! …. 3rd time’s a charm ….” …. then you just wouldn’t believe …. Oh …. hi there! ….
“…. hey, bartender !!!! …. another Vodka Tonic …. put some Vodka in it this time !” “Geeezz …. those margaritas must be 2 gallons each! “…. we lightly pound the African Aardvark meat, then simmer it in a Bettle Butter reduction …. all topped off with a dollup of sour cream …. “ “I’m just a wallflower at these party things …. I pray I could have fun like the other girls!”
“…. he just slid under the table all of a sudden” “I’m getting my damn money’s worth!” “OOOPS! Did I do that?” “Come back!  Come back!  I’ll promise to put it away.  Promise!”
“yes, yes – your new boat! paint the entire thing hot pink to the waterline – everything – windshield, chrome, engines” “…. exactly what he is talking about for Christmas” “Here …. I’ll make him smile.” “I hope that’s John’s hand.”
Members Charlie & Paula Skillern “…. hope that wasn’t a tooth!” “Simon Sezzzzzzz …. pick your other foot up ….” “OK folks …. can you make a caption for this ?”
“I’m NOT wearing a jacket and I don’t care if the whole damn Club ignores me!” “It’s true …. they’re gay.” “You put WHAT in it?” “We can’t hide it
forever Bob.”

…. and in the “It’s a Dog’s Life” category

“oooooh Yes Dear …. your ‘Secret’ has failed! “It’s a terrific little Cabernet ….” “get your own chair ….” “…. where are we going for lunch today?”

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