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Presentation of the Fleet was unique to say the least. We woke up to a very dreary, rainy, windy day. It absolutely was not a day for a boat ride and a stunning ceremony on our beautiful Marco Waters. However, everyone was good spirited and the show went on – on dry land! We all met at the Esplanade’s Outdoor dining area overlooking Smokehouse Bay, we hung our banner and MBYC’s Presentation of the Fleet began at 11:00 a.m. Alan and Linda Sandlin led us in the National Anthem to start things off. As tradition has it we then all recited the Pledge of Allegiance. The Bridge was introduced followed by a brief history of the club presented by our historian Alan Sandlin. Alan then put on his Chaplin’s hat and gave an inspirational invocation and blessing of the fleet. There was a moment of silence and roses were placed in the water for those that have passed before us. This year we lost P/C Irwin Miller, he had been a member since 1993. Then Fleet Captain Brent Cook introduced the fleet, there were to be 13 boats in the bay instead we had 13 captains, crews and their guests lined up on shore for a very entertaining presentation. The Bridge was proud to salute them all as they mimicked paddling, steering, swimming, etc. – it was great!! It was followed up by a great lunch at CJ’s.

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