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Past Events 2020

South Seas – Boca Cruise

On Tuesday, January 7th, Cookin’ (Brent & Susan Cook), My Cherie (Jerry & Cherie Hoover) and Karine (Sandy LaMontagne and Kris Zimmerman) departed Marco for South Seas Marina. The three boats left Marco a day ahead of schedule due to rough seas that were forecast for our scheduled January 8th departure. That decision turned out well giving us a very smooth ride to Redfish Pass at Captiva. The six of us had a fun time dining at Doc Fords and some of us learned for the first time about “Drummies” and “Flats” (in other words, chicken wings)!

On Wednesday, January 8th we were joined by Vern and Ann Graham aboard 0 Sea D. Their Marco departure was delayed a bit that morning by a very low tide but their eventual ride up was reasonable but rougher than those of us that were able to come a day earlier.

Also on Wednesday we were joined by Mike and Cindy Brown and Frank and Marianne Mulligan who both had a very smooth ride up in their luxury land yachts. That evening some ate onboard, some at RC Otters and some at The Bubble Room.

Thursday Eric Zimmerman arrived in No Name in rough seas but according to Eric that was the fun part! He stayed overnight and he and Kris departed at sun-up the next morning but not before joining the entire group the night before for our annual Pizza Party in the Captain’s Lounge at South Seas.

On Friday Bill Schroeder arrived in Divergent and Bob LaMontagne flew into town. Dinner that evening was enjoyed at the Green Flash. A group dinner was held on Saturday at Doc Fords.

On Sunday, the 12th, we all headed to Boca Grande Marina. This is one of the Club’s favorite destinations and we were excited to be joined there by Bob & Lyn, Barry & Claudette, Bob & Jo, Mike & Cindy and Frank & Marianne who all came by luxury Land Yachts on smooth roads.

We had a total of 9 people aboard boats and 10 joining by car so we had a wonderful turn-out for this annual stop in Boca Grande.

With lots of choices for dining, everyone found great places for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, including the Loose Caboose for ice cream treats.

Right in the middle of our Boca Grande adventure, on Wednesday, January 14th, the boaters and land yachters joined together for a wonderful evening dining in the private dining room at the Eagle Grille.

Everyone, including our car guests, had a great time at both South Seas and Boca Grande.

Cruise Leader

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