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Past Events 2020

St Petersburg Cruise

Our February Cruise was one of our more extended cruises of the season encompassing 5 different marinas over 12 days.

Participating in the cruise were:
    Cookin’ (Brent & Susan Cook)
    My Cherie (Jerry & Cherie Hoover)
    Karine (Bob &Sandy LaMontagne)
    Nauti Buoy (Dave & Mary Ellen Mount)
    Cheers (Dan & Rick Woodworth & their sister Lex)

Marina stops on this cruise included:
    Boca Grande Marine for 1 night
    Marina Jack in Sarasota for 5 nights
    The Vinoy in St. Pete for 2 nights
    Twin Dolphin in Bradenton for 2 nights
    Crow’s Nest in Venice for 1 night

Originally we were scheduled for 4 nights at The Vinoy but had to bug out 2 days early to avoid high NE winds that would have created extremely rough conditions in The Vinoy so we added the Bradenton stop that is well protected behind a steel seawall.

While Cheers was only with us for Boca Grande and a short stop in Sarasota, it was nice to have the brothers along and we enjoyed meeting Lex.

We were also joined by Mike and Cindy Brown via Land-Yacht for 4 nights in Sarasota where we all celebrated their 54th anniversary at Hyde Park Steakhouse.

Everyone, including our car guests, had a great time. We hope more boaters (and Land-Yachters) will join us on future cruises.

Cruise Leader

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