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Past Events 2019

Street Parade 2019

On the Saturday morning of the Christmas Island Style Street Parade, Bill Schroeder hosted a party to decorate “La Vie en Rose” to be the very special float for MBYC’s 2019 entry. He not only donated his boat, but also his yard, driveway, and coffee to kick start the morning as the hard charging MBYC team feverishly worked on the lighting for that evenings festivities. The new lights became critically tangled in the hands of the dedicated crew. However, Barry Gefland came to the rescue demonstrating his highly refined, carefully developed, detanglement skills. John Kernan provided a generator to power the lights. The ability of the crew was clearly exhibited by the ease with which they were able to successfully connect the lights to the generator. Randy Southard drove the vehicle towing the boat and trailer. Chief engineer and boss-man, Brent Cook, kept the heat on for about three hours until the project was completed and the craft was ready for presentation.

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