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Past Events 2019

Summer Dine-A-Rounds

Thanks to the sponsors of this summer’s Dine-A-Round series for the year-round Marco members.

On June 18th the Sachers kicked the season off returning us to the good old days of “Dine and Dash”, but with a twist. Judy and Larry Sacher hosted the June “dine-a-round” for MBYC; instead of dining and then dashing, the pre-dinner activities involved a brief gathering at the Sacher’s house where teams were formed with a blind draw of playing cards, making up teams of 4 or 5, separating significant others. Drivers from each team were chosen and once the logistics were explained, including the instruction that as a team reached its destination, a picture of the team showing their location was to be texted to the Sachers. The teams then departed with a bag-full of clues that would lead each team to various locations around Marco. Each participant was told to bring 4 one-dollar bills, in exchange for which some of the destinations would give them another clue. Among the participating Marco Island businesses: Marco Movies, Philly Grille, Sweet Annies, Marco Golf and Garden. Other locations included Veterans Community Park and one of the local supermarkets where the participants were required to spell out Marco Bay Yacht Club using items from the market’s shelves or produce areas. The final clue led the teams to a phone number to call, the person answering the phone would advise them where dinner was being served. The Tokyo Inn did a great job accommodating everyone, and the team-provided pictures were displayed in a continuous loop while dinner was served.

Then, on June 11 the Orsolinis followed up with a delightful evening at Ciao Bella. Marcia reported that 24 members gathered for (in this writer’s opinion) the best Italian food on our Island. The food, private side dining area, service and camaraderie made for a most pleasant evening. Alan Sandlin provided us with a blessing before the meal and Marcia followed with what sounded like it was going to be a rather irreverent toast. “Here’s to swearing, lying, drinking and stealing; swearing loyalty to your country, lying to save the life of a friend, drinking with old friends and new, and stealing the hearts of the people you love.”

See you at the September Dine-A-Round at the Capital Grill. Time to get signed up.

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